This is down town Weaverville this morning around 10:00am
Here is the first hen I caught and released today.
This was a nice hen, the second to my hand… about 2 cast after the first one… then I didn’t bother taking the camera out for the rest!
This is the famous Bucktail hole that I fished this morning. The best part of today though, was not seeing another angler on the river!!!

Today it was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The river was out of control yesterday but it showed how fast she can clear with the right conditions.

It snowed since 3:00am last night, witch means it froze up the tributary’s, witch means it brought the river down into shape!

The River is currently at 819 cfs in Douglas city and dropping due to low temps. This is great for the fishing. Today the river had about 3-4 of visibility at Bucktail (put in take out). I fished right there for a few hours and WHAKED’EM!!!!!!!!

I’ll give you the latest update tomorrow, but as of now with the cooler temps the river is dropping and the fish are eating!!!