The 2012/13 Steelhead season in Northern California turned out to be one of the best I have ever seen. We had great weather, a huge run of fish and minimal crowds! A big thank you, to all of you I had the joy of rowing down the river. It was a blast watching these fish spank all of my clients and friends! LOL! Epic moments that will provide great memories for a lifetime. The following are some photos of the ones we tamed to the net, and then gently released to fight another day, between late October and December.

2012-10-17 16.18.07

Terry Launching a Spey cast with the long Rod looking for an aggressive fish


2012-10-20 10.52.18

Chris Anthony with a big, fresh, bright early season Steelhead. Chris fished well and racked up some numbers…


2012-10-20 09.21.04

Chris and I with a big Buck

2012-10-25 10.34.02

Often times early in the season there are lots of salmon still around and somewhat fresh. Here is John’s first salmon on a fly rod.

 2012-10-26 16.04.30John Backed up his Salmon with boating 7 nice Steelhead that day!

2012-10-24 08.19.45

Richard Paquet. A Steelhead fishing Addict. The guy logs more days in my drift boat than I do! LOL. Enjoy his photo gallery…

2012-10-21 12.45.18

2012-10-21 11.10.38

2012-10-21 14.37.19

Richard with a personal best on the Trinity. 34″ wild Buck. A true trophy on the Trinity river. Great job Richard!

2012-10-26 15.20.13

With all of the Salmon around early in the season, it is fairly common to see some California Black Bears looking to fatten up before winter comes.

2012-10-27 13.52.51

Jolie enjoying the early season beauty, weather and fishing the Trinity can offer in October.

2012-10-27 14.33.50

Jack and I with a hot, bright Hen that took some reel-smoking runs and jumps! Jack was able to tame her for us to get a quick photo on a nice beautiful fall day.

2011-11-18 11.47.44

This was another wildlife viewing we had. This is a rare species of Bear. Indigenous to Red Bluff Ca, it spends most of it’s time on the Lower Sacramento River but has since been living in my living room and guiding on the Trinity with me for the last five seasons… My roommate Gabe.

2012-10-30 09.06.28

The Paquet Brothers. Luc and Marc doubled up! Not very often you get double hook-up’s while Steelhead fishing with your brother… or anyone else for that matter! But sometimes the Fish Gods shine down upon you… this was the first of they’re TWO double hook-up’s they had that day!

2012-10-30 15.59.38

Mark with a wild Beauty!

2012-11-02 10.30.57

Got Lucky… first Steelhead ever!

2012-11-03 09.21.11

David with a really nice Buck. He had a ridiculous trip…. A wise man once told me “Timing is everything”. Well, timing with Steelhead is critical for success, David hit it dead on… He hooked 24 Steelhead and landed 17…… in one day!!! Thats a good career!

2012-11-03 09.23.49

Yes, I believe that is appropriate…

2012-11-03 09.17.25

Here is David hooked up again… and laughing.

2012-11-03 08.13.05

Then he tops it all off with a 32″ 12 pound personal best hawg!

2012-11-03 09.25.49

Rain can be a great thing in Steelhead fishing. It gets the fishing moving through the river as the river rises and brings new fish in from the ocean.

2012-11-20 10.33.17

Having quality gear is a MUST in Steelheading. Thats why I believe in and promote SIMMS fishing products.


2012-11-11 08.35.59

Along with days being very wet, they can be very cold as well. Iced guides are fairly common during the months of December and January on the Trinity.

2012-11-10 07.02.16

This is a heater day…

2012-11-10 08.58.14

We saw a lot more Brown Trout than I have in the last six years as well. I didn’t have the opportunity to boat any monsters like I had in years past, but lots of them in the 12″-22″ range

2012-11-10 16.01.17

Jack backed up the brown with a dozen or so Steelhead as well. He was on fire one day hooking around 15!

2012-11-06 07.35.40

Ryan with a fat Brown as well.

2012-11-04 08.47.09

Ryan with a big Steelie. Him and Cody are childhood friends of mine that hire me every year on the Trinity. This boys fish one time a year, but they can out fish anyone on the river. My Boys get it done well!

2012-11-04 09.22.38

Cody with a piggy.

2012-11-04 11.44.35

2012-11-08 09.45.59

Lots of Bald Eagles along the river on any given day. This one is snacking on a big Brown Trout.

2012-11-28 12.01.16

Here is Larry Garlic launching a spey cast. He wanted to try some swing fishing with his spey rod as he has never gotten a steelhead on the swing on the Trinity, until this day. The cast.

2012-11-28 12.02.48

The Hook-up.

2012-11-28 12.05.18

The fish.

2012-11-28 12.05.20

My job is done, The release.


2012-11-26 11.09.20

This is Jack. It was his first day of Steelhead fishing and he stuck this 34″ 14 pound wild Buck to start off his trip. I told him to reel up and quit while he was on top…

2012-12-04 14.45.09

Richard sporting the new SIMMS pack light jacket. Putting it to the test in heavy rains.

2012-12-04 15.19.24

Well, this is a bad site. Fishing was good until we got to Weaver Creek and it was pumping mud. So we stayed here and fished the mud line. We did end up poking a few more before we rowed to the take pout and called it a day. Hot shower and a whiskey.

2012-12-05 07.22.30

The next morning I was on my way to meet my clients and this is what my street looked like. uh-oh…

2012-12-05 07.29.38

So I went to take a look at weaver creek. Yikes!

2012-12-05 08.07.29

And this is what the river looked like. Damn. I did have to cancel that one day. But one of the great things about the Trinity is how fast it clears and becomes fishable.

2012-11-30 10.05.08Another look at the raging river of mud.

2012-11-30 10.06.12

so, the day was spent with all of the guides that cancelled there trips by going out to breakfast and driving around looking and cursing at the river for causing us a day of work.

2012-12-05 12.43.33

But 24 hours later Richard was back in my bow putting huge steelhead in the air again!

2012-12-06 10.01.39

Richard was right back at it again sticking the hot reel hot reel screamers!

2012-12-16 07.09.15

This not the commute to work I really enjoy, knowing I will be out in it all day…

2012-12-16 08.57.59

Here is the view from my office. It’s days like this that I have trouble understanding why so many people like to use the phrase, “Oh a fishing guide huh, It must be nice to fish everyday”…

2012-12-17 10.37.18

None the less, we cranked up the heater, put a smile on and Ellen started kicking some Steelhead A$$!

2012-12-16 11.04.17

All bundeled up, Ellen continued to lay down a great display of angling. Here is some proof to show for it.

2012-12-17 09.59.07

Ellen stuck this 31″ 10 pound wild Buck, a personal best. Suddenly we were all warm and fuzzy.

2012-12-17 12.12.15

The sun popped out for a moment and we took the opportunity to have lunch. Soon after Ellen got another one to the boat. With all of the great fishing, the 60 pounds of fish she had brought to the boat had put a strain on her arm, mixed with the miserable conditions she reeled up and said “I’m good, lets go and get warm” we were off the water at 1:15pm.