says a lot. It says wow, I’m actualy posting a new blog!

But more importantly it says how the fishing has been since my last post.

Alot has happend in the last few months. Terry has moved to Trukee and Ty has gone to a real job! (lol)

They are both still guiding but only part time. So I have been left with the updates on here but have done a poor job of it because I have been increadibly busy. I will do my best to keepy you all more informed about what is going on.

So I can sit here and type pages about the last few months but I will sum it up and let a FEW of the houndreds of photo’s that I have do the talking. Real quick I would like to add that Crowley,the upper Owens and Bridgeport Res. are all on fire and have been for some time. Some of the monsters that are on here are from the East Walker… which we have stopped guiding a couple of weeks ago due to high water temps. If any of you would like to see a daily update on all of our waters check out our fly shops website Thank’s to all of you I have had the pleasure of fishing with and if you haven’t been, what are you waiting for???