Here is a nice sequence of Greg Wold showing how it’s done on the Lower “O”

Luke with a beautiful Owens river brownie!

Check this out!! These are crawling around and hatching in good #’s too…If you know what it is, I would tie it on…he,he,he

Well, the weather pattern has been so summer-like, some of the hatches my clients and I have fished through in the last week made it seem like we are in prime time fishing. Earlier in the week I guided Luke for a few days on the Lower O through one of the thickest caddis hatches I have ever seen on any river anywhere! Thursday was the thickest I’ve seen throughout the week, and we must have landed in the realm 50 fish! We were nymphing as well as fishing drys most of the time. On Friday we mainly fished dry’s and probably landed around 20-30 fish.
Over the weekend I fished with some good clients and friends the Wolds. We had a great time on the Lower O as well. These guys are East Walker freaks! I think I’ve only guided them on Hot Creek once other than the Walker, so it was nice to get them on some Owens river browns for the first time. The Hatches were not quite as thick but we still had phenomenal fishing with both drys and nymphs. Nice work guys!! Check out the caddis on the surface!

If you look hard on the pic above of Luke fighting a nice brown you can see thousands of caddis over the water!! Below Jeff Wold is gettin’ bent and lands a quality lower O brown.

Here is Steve wold showing a little critter that he fooled with a Elk Hair Caddis!Today I guided some long time clients, Dave and Sean Cargo at Hot Creek and the fishing was outstanding!! Dave stuck a few on drys and went back to nymphing and whacked ’em. Hot Creek is en fuego!!!Here’s a few picks. Like father like Son.

Sean spent most of the time fishing dry fly’s and killed it! With the overcast sky, the mayflies were hatching in good #’s and he was fooling the fish with perfect presentations. Sorry Sean the photo of last big brown didn’t come out:( Nice job today guys, I had a lot of fun!

If you’re thinking of coming up and doing some fishing DO IT!! I am booking up on the weekends but mid week there is no body here and I have lots of openings. Come experience this new style of March fishing… you won’t be disappointed!

Brad McFall