Hello fisherman and thanks for checking out E.S.G.A.’s flyfishing blog report for the Eastern Sierra. The Alliance traveled up to Bridgeport to start off the season at their favorite stomping grounds; the East Walker river. We were blessed with a beautiful spring day and the great weather brought out the masses! We got on the water at about 5:30 a.m. and things got off to a great start. Fishing a combination of midges and stoneflies under indicators got us into several hot rainbows, some pushing the 20 inch mark! Ty proceeded to hook a monster brown on a custom E-Dub streamer tied by Brad, but the fish got the upper hand and escaped right as we were reaching for the net. Our good friend E-Jack was on top of his game and landed two awesome bows in the meadow. Some really nice fish were caught, anderyone had a really good time. We fished into the early afternoon.we got to see a good mayfly hatch midday, a few caddis were flying around, and stoneflies and midges were out also. We ended the day on a good note when Brad helped me scoop up a really nice brown from upper water (spaceship run).

Sun 29th- Today I ventured down to our backyard spring creek Hot Creek. The flows have come up just slightly turning the water a light tea color. Not to worry, visibility is still good enough to site cast to fish. The river is clean and clear of nettles and weeds making for lots of good holding water and clean drifts. I arrived around 11 o’clock anticipating the baetis hatch that we’ve seen the last couple of weeks, of course for opening weekend I should have realized the number of fisherman can outnumber the bugs. Check out the people hatch!
We decided to start on the lower section of Hot Creek which typically is the least fished section. Ty and I decided to throw some dries even though there wasn’t much surface activity to be seen. We fished Adult Stones and Caddis patterns through the pocket water and landed a couple nice fish each. We fished our way downstream until we reached the hot spring pools, Ty enjoys the best of both worlds and demonstrates the Hot Creek soak ESGA style, andsticks some nice fish with a nymph rig.

We caught some really nice rainbows and a few smaller browns, all the fish were really healthy and fought well. Stonefly imitaions were working best for me, both dries and nymphs. There was a decent baetis hatch around midday, with a few stoneflies and crane flies in the mix. Fish continued to eat throughout the afternoon as a caddis hatch came off around 2-3 o’clock. I fished until about four, then called it a good day. Brad fished the upper section and said the fishing was really good also. He fished a dry-dropper rig with some stonefly patterns and fished until about five.

Nice fish Rich!