Hi guys and gals. Yes this fish is bigger than it looks!! My client, Steve Holton, and I landed this fish last week on 10/28/05 in the Miracle mile on the East Walker river. It is the fish of a lifetime for any fisherman.

For Steve Holton it was his day, at about 10:30 a.m. the fish Gods put their hand on his rod and helped guide him through one of the greatest battles with a trout he has ever incurred in his 35+ years of practicing his passion. Steve is a highly skilled angler and showed every bit of it on that special day.

We were both out of breath. One, for not breathing for about 15 minutes due to the challenge we were facing. Two, for hanging onto his waders and trying to stay upright while scrambling over rocks. We were dealing with fast and deep water as the beast took us 200-300 yards down river until we landed it. This is team work at it’s best!

The fish was measured at 29 inches long and weighed about 12-14 pounds. This is the largest fish I have heard of anyone landing here in years, and unfortunately, for me it’s bigger than my personal best on this river at 27 inches… (good job Steve)

To land a fish of this size everything has to come together just right. It’s kind of like getting a royal flush w/ a 10,000 dollar hand (once in a lifetime). Steve landed this fish on 5x tippet on a size#20 fly. With some good skills, a little guidance and a lot of luck Steve now has a memory for life.

Brad Mcfall