Here is the culprit of what you’re about to see. Rain on top of snow will do this mix ed with HEAVY HEAVY rainfall…

This is the storm drain in front of my apartment. Normally dry, today 500cfs (cubic feet per second)
Weaverville creek. Normally about 12 cfs… today 1000 cfs taking down this massive tree along with anything in it’s path!!!
this was the Indian creek put in.
Break out your Hot Creek dry flies!!! I think there will be a beatis hatch size 22 heheheheheThis gives good perspective, the normal size of the Trinity is the part off the the far right…you know, where there is normally NO WATER!Here is the Steiner flat take out (gold post) with the rope swing. Those of you that have done this drift with me will understand the severity.
The rope swing swinging in the water.

I was supposed to fish with the Wold’s the today and tomorrow. It looks like they made the right call on not coming up!
The weather forecasters are calling this the storm of the century and it seems to be living up to that.I spent the day driving around and taking pic’s of the Trinity and so called tributary’s
these small streams that you can normally hop across are bigger than the Trinity itself, at fishable conditions. I will give a update tomorrow when I get sick of starring at the wall and drinking beer to kill time.
I just looked at the flow chart and in Douglas city (299 bridge) the flows peeked at 2:00pm today at 3,314 cfs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Normal fishing conditions are from 370- 470 cfs.
more beer.