Merry Christmas everyone!
Sorry for the delay on posting… Was out of a camera for a couple months and got a early Christmas present. So I finally got some pictures to post! these are from the last couple of weeks…enjoy! As most of you know by now, I’ve been up on the Trinity river guiding Steelhead on the fly since early October. It has been a fantastic season so far this year! The return run of fish this year is a definite increase from last year.
With Competent Anglers, I have been averaging 6-9+ hook-ups a day! Though lately, I have been having LOTS of DOUBLE DIGIT days!!!!

Here is Scott, my brother, releasing a last light (dark) hooked fish on Thanksgiving day. We were hanging out drinking some beers and Scott needed to wet a line, bad! Last time was in Florida Tarpon fishing in June! So we wadered up, (with 45min. of light left) went down the street threw a few cast and SHWACK!

Here is the newest addition to the McFall family, Ty, with his Mom Taryn. This is over Thanksgiving up in Weaverville at a house my family rented on Steel Bridge rd. overlooking the Trinity.

There is a dangerous crew in the Kitchen! My Dad, Ron on the left. Brother Scott, me and my oldest brother Mark on the right.

Here is Mark and I with his first Steelhead ever! Nice work Bro!

Cody and Ryan came up and booked me a couple days right after Thanksgiving and put the smack down on the fish! Cody with his first Steelhead ever!

Didn’t take long for him to figure it out!

Ryan with a beautiful Buck!

Cody and I with his first Wild fish! This fish was HOT!

James and I with a nice big Buck.

Ryan with a nice wild Buck to cap off a great couple of days!

I had a blast with Hue and James, we got to sight cast to some HUGE steelhead and they got it done!

Here is a typical morning drive to the river during sunrise. The inversion layer of fog settles in the valley and usually burns off around noon.

James and I with another nice Buck.

Richard and I with a big Wild Buck to start the day off!

And another Wild Buck for Richard.

Look at that funny looking guy! I think I’ve seen him on here before….

Richard and I with another big Buck

Don and Chris came up and fished the two coldest days I’ve ever seen while Steelhead fishing. I was launching my boat and my truck said 11 degrees. Water was low, clear, and cold. Despite these conditions these guys fished hard, and still managed to have double digit days in the toughest conditions. Nice work!

Chris with a fun one!

Don and I with a big ol‘ Buck!

While I was thinking my feet were going to fall off because they turned into Ice bricks, Chris hooked this beast and we were all warm and fussy inside again!

Chris with a very pretty Buck.

Don with a HOT Wild Buck!

Little frosty that day…

But… They still had to eat. Like this big daddy!

Yup… that’s my room… With single digit temps comes broken water pipes! While I was on the water guiding a pipe burst in my ceiling. Luckily, my buddy Gabe, came back to the house after his clients decided to cancel because of the cold, and caught it early before everything in my room was destroyed. Over the past two weeks they have been working to replace, floors, ceiling, walls and everything else. But, what are ya – gonna-do?

Jack and Jolie came back up for another trip this month and killed it! Here is Jolie with a CHROME WILD HEN!!!

They had a double hook-up and landed them both and ended up finishing the day in double digits!

Where’s Waldo? Oh wait… that’s Jack! Little bit of rain that day, gottem on the grab!

Thank you to all that have made the effort to come up and fish with me this year, and those of you that are coming!
I have had a great time with all of you and look forward to many more!
Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays!!!
Brad and Angela