Who’s that funny looking guy? Never seen him on here…lol! To bad Jack… this could be you! lol

It was a little cold that morning but the fish were hungry!

Diane gave her 100th one a kiss!lol

Love this photo…

Diane with one of many.

Her fishing partner Kip killed it too!

It was truly Diane’s day!

Here is Diane hooked up during a Mayfly hatch on the Lower Owens. She had a incredible day, at one point it was like every cast for her!

Here is Lisa with a giant brown she got while being guided by Dave.
Greg with a beautiful Lower O brownie!

Here is Greg wading a riffle during a intense Mayfly hatch on the Lower O we had a great day floating in my Drift boat.

Here is Clay with a pig he got with me on his first day ever fishing the E. Walker!

Overall the last two months the fishing has been the best I’ve ever seen at this time of year. A big thanks to all of you for the business. I’ve been very fortunate to be this busy and have such great relationships with my clients…more like friends.
If you are reading this and have not fished at this time of year in the Mammoth area, you are missing out. The crowds have been thin( except on the E. Walker) and the fish have been thick! Even though the E.W. is crowded it doesn’t matter being that I’m licensed in both Cali. and Nevada. Plus I have access to private water on the E. Walker. Call or E-mail for details!