Hello all!

As most of you all know by now I have relocated to Weaverville Ca, to guide the Trinity river for Steelhead. I have been up here since the last week of October and the fishing is unreal. I don’t have Internet access at home up here so I apologize for delays. The best way to reach me is my Cell(209)-484-1114 and I’ll return your call. I will do my best to go to the local coffee shop and return e-mails and update the blog.

If some of you have been kicking around the Idea of going steelheading DO IT!!!!! The Trinity is having a record run of fish this year. Double digit daily hook-ups are the norm right now while more fish continue to poor in the system.

I am planning on being here through the month of January. Here is a few pic’s of what you will enjoy when you come!


Luc with a hefty 10lb buck to finish off his five day trip!!!

Judy’s first cast!! She continued to have the hot stick of the day. But then AL took it over the second day. Great job guys!
Another unknown face on this website! LOL! Richard with his first steelhead ever!! Well kinda, I dropped the first one out of the net before we got a photo. WHOOPS!! Guide error!!
Luc with another huge buck

Richard and I with a nice big buck that took us at 150 yards downriver!
Look at that funny guy. Good friend and fellow guide Dave Neal came up to get his fix. Dave is also running my mammoth guide trips while I’m on the Trinity. Feel free to give him a call (760)-914-0465 and tell him I sent you. He will get you into fish like this one all day long on the Lower Owens! hehehe

What can I say?
Nice fish Bill

Double hook up with Chris and Dave. Whent for the money shot and one got away, DAMN!!!!
David Varney with a nice big buck

Chris with his

David and I with a big buck

Grant with a Monster Hen and his brother Bill below with a buck to rival. These guys were unbelievable talent in my boat and it made for a ridiculous number of fish!

My Bro Scott has had to come get a piece of the action a few times now, he just can’t help himself. Sorry Taryn…

Might as well finish off the post with the two nuts I fish with the most. Great things come in pairs. What a week guys!!

Brad McFall