We are now in December and it sure does fell like it up here! Highs are in the 30’s-40’s and lows in the single digits and teens. The forecast is calling for some much needed rain and snow early this week. This should move the fish around and get them grabby again. The fishing has remained very good over the last week but we are definitely seeing the effects of ultra low, clear water with heavy fishing pressure. The takes are quick and the fish are very spooky, and even starting to get a little picky on bug selection. Perfect presentations are a must!
We only need one thing to get the fishing back to what it has been (stupid) WATER!!!! And it looks like we will in the next few days. With the weather patterns changing so does the crowds. Now that it’s getting cooler the crowds will start to thin out and the fishing will continue to blow minds through February. Keep in mind I will only be here through January and the I will be back in Mammoth fishing the Lower O and awaiting the Stone hatch on the East Walker. I can’t tell you all enough, the Steelhead fishing up here is crazy this year. I’ve been fishing it for years and have never seen it like this.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day!

Ernie and I with a beautifully colored buck he got.
Here is my buddy Jeff Newby with the biggest Buck I’ve had in the net all year!! 30 incher on his first day of steelheading ever!


Gary with a nice Hen
Gary with a monster buck

The Sinsai Ken, with a chrome Hen

Chris likes to kiss his

Fellow Sac river outfitters guide Tim Root (right) with a client holding a big big buck
Some days have been bumper boats, and to think this shot doesn’t include my boat that I’m in!!

J.B. with his first steelhead, and Ryan with his first below. Devirginized!