Here is my beautiful Wife Angela holding a nice chromer she got on her birthday in October! How cool is that! She went steelheading on her birthday! MAN I’M LUCKY!!!! my buddy Dave ( says ” your wife married down dude.”

Sorry about the same photo twice… can’t figure out how to get it off of there???

My wife on the Oars! I get to fish!!

Ken with a nice wild hen.

Here is Eliot with the biggest steelhead I have ever seen!!! We taped it out at 34 1/2 inches long!!!

Hue with a nice chromer.

Another one of the 34!

Myself with Fly shop owner Bob Slamal (riverside ski and sport).

Luc saying CHEESE!

Richard with a big buck.

Big stone with a stone I tied next to the natural.

Michael and I with a wild hen.

Ryan with a huge wild hen that jumped and jumped and jumped!!

Paul with his first wild Buck.

Tyler and I with a wild buck

Tyler and I with a Monster buck!

time for your rod guides to be choked with ice, while steam rises off the river. Fish rolling in the distance overlooked by misty clouds hanging in the dense forest tree tops. Your fies drift freely down the run like they have every other cast you made with complete focus this morning, only to be interrupted by SET SET SET!!!!!!

Yes, I know I have been horrible about updating my blog. But the truth is, bla,bla, bla…
Rather than ramble on and on, I’ll keep it strait to the point.
The steelhead fishing on the Trinity has been just that this year. Steelhead fishing. The days of 30 plus hookups a day seem distant.. Last years run was the highest ever on record. Last time I checked (in mid Nov.) the fish counts were at 20% of what they were last year. Never the less the fishing has been pretty damn good despite the low fish counts and low water conditions we have been experiencing this year.

Now that we are in mid-December we are finally getting some weather that is very much needed. More water will bring more fish…
So far this year I have been averaging 3-6 hook-up’s a day with competent anglers. Obviously the better caster you are the more fish you’ll put your fly in front of. The fishing has been pretty darn good all the way around. I have seen a 50%-50% of wild (or native) fish vs. hatchery fish. The fish are hot and pull hard. There have been more fish in the 30 inch plus class in my net this year than ever before, including a few in the 32-34 inch range!!!
The very best part about this year has been having the entire river to YOURSELF! It’s like my roommate, mentor, and good friend Kevin Peterson said to me, “last year the Internet was our enemy, this year it’s our friend”. Last year there was people everywhere, this year there might be 1 or 2 other boats on your float. Last year there would be 12-15 boats plus bank anglers, witch have been for the most part none existent this season.
Now that we are finally getting into the winter weather patterns the fishing should get even better. The tributary’s, which have been dry for the most part, will start flowing and bring the smell of home down river to this mysterious, fined friend that makes us steelhead addicts go crazy!
Also, I want to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure of fishing with this year. I really appreciate your business. Beyond that I really appreciate all of the friendships.
Happy Holidays!!!