I know, I know. I’ve been totally lagging on updating the website… Well for what it’s worth I’ll been on here at least once a week from now on.
There is soooo much to say that has happened in the last few months, so I’ll keep it short and sweet!
Hot Creek is on fire!!! The water is high, but clear and the hatches have been thick. We are seeing P.M.D.’s (starting to show), Yellow Sallies, and lot’s of caddis. With the water high like this I have had a lot of large fish coming to the net from clients. This is the best time of year to target big fish on dry’s at Hot Creek. With the flows up those big boys come out from under the weeds where they feel comfortable in this shallow spring creek and sit in open feeding lanes and do just that, FEED! Here is a few pic’s from some happy clients. Rex with a nice Hot creek Bow.

Mia below with a Hot Creek Ranch bow on here first day with a fly rod.Below Lonnie with a nice brown

Here is 12 yr. old Liza With her first fish on a fly! Bridgeport Res. is starting to produce, guides day off!! Scott flint, Alex and myself went out to do some research (fishing) and Scott poked this fat brown. It’s not red hot yet, but starting to pick up.
Jolie with a nice East Walker rainbow! By the way this was on the private Seriene fly fishing ranch in the Nevada section. That is open to the public for a rod fee of 80 dollars for a full days fishing. I recently obtained my Nevada guide license. Which means I can guide the Nevada private and public sections of the East Walker!! Yesssssssss!Here is Jack (Jolie’s significant other) with a fat bow on the E.W.
Later that day we decided to go up to the (miracle mile) and do some highsticking or (Czech nymphing) and Jack whacked this giant brown! Way to go Jack!!!


Here is Tyler with back to back big browns on the Walker. His second day fly fishing!!!Tony! Tony, Tony, Tony. This guy has put some serious effort into landing a big Walker fish… I’ve guided him the last two years and he has hooked a lot of big fish on the E.W. but had the worst luck I’ve ever seen… He Always seemed to lose every big fish he’d ever hooked, so when he landed this pig it called for a beer! Nice job Tony, no more rubber hooks!Clients, Gene (holding the fish) and River had a great day on the E.W.

Ok. So like I said at the top of this post a lot has happened since my last post. One thing that happened was a trip to Florida (location X). My first cast of the trip, on the first morning, I boated a 130lb Tarpon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done with a fly rod in my hand, PERIOD. Six of us went on the trip, we had three guides and four days of fishing with bad weather conditions three of the four days. Four fish were landed for the trip. I got two ( a130lb and a 70lb) Kevin got one 70lber and Bob got one about 50lbs. Never the less it was an awesome experience that I wanted to share with all of you, so enjoy the pic’s. These are all of my 130lber! Bow, bow, bow! O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!