Yes, the fishing remains unbelievable despite a few cold fronts that work there way through the area for a day or two. I have been busy guiding the Lower O and Hot Creek. Both fisheries continue to fish extremely well despite some of the pressure. I’m getting worried that I might get my a$$ handed to me on a guide trip soon ,because I’m just astounded by the fishing that has been happening this month. Most of my half day trips are averaging very high #’s of fish hooked. And almost half of those are on dry’s!!

I want to say thanks, to everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with over the past few weeks, and to let them know it’s still as good as it was!!
Here is a few pics of Joe from Hot Creek the other day. We had a great half day trip fishing dry fly’s primarily. I also guided Eric, Jason and David today on the Lower O and the fishing was fabulous. We experienced a great Mayfly hatch and they did very very well. Good Job guys!! (forgot my camera today) so you’ll have to take my word for it 🙂
Brad McFall