It’s March and the fishing is awesome!!
Almost all of my clients will ask me…
Brad, when is the best time to come fishing in the Mammoth area?
Well, it’s a tough question for me to answer because of all of the variables that come along. For example,weather conditions, run off and seasonal crowds just to name a few, but if you were to ask me now, I would say NOW!!

As many of you may have heard, we have had regulation changes on some of our prime waters such as Hot Creek, The Owens River and the famed East Walker. These waters have been opened up year round as catch and release fly fishing. There is mixed feeling on this topic within the guide circles as well as ranch owners. I’m going to briefly touch the subject with my own opinion. Believe me I could go on for days about all the pros and cons.
I will make my first point short and BLUNT. I’m not excited about fishing the East Walker on the California side until the flows are a minimum of 150cfs!! A lot of you that I fish with frequently, know how much I truly love this river and how much I respect it. Now, with that said, if the flows are up and the weather is nice you no I’ll be there in March and April putting my clients on monster Browns fishing the Golden Stone hatch, and continue to guide it throughout the season.
Hot Creek
I have not fished it since it has recently opened but have spoken to some of the other guides I work with and they have said the dry fly fishing is absolutely incredible.
I’m not big on this either, being it is the most fished one mile stretch of water in California already, and now it will be open year round. If you do fish either of these please keep the fish in the water and do not wade in Hot Creek!!
OK, enough negativity.
Back to the good stuff. Today I guided some good friends Jack and Jolie on the Lower O and the fishing was ridiculous!!!!!!! I’ll put it this way…I stopped counting on the 19th fish Jolie landed. (And this ain’t no Tom Loe fabrication!!!!!!!!!!!) LOL!! I know it may be hard to believe but to add to it, we fished dry dropper rigs for 7 of the 8 hrs we fished!! Oh yea, when I stopped counting it still was before lunch…
So are you getting the picture yet? Or do you want me to keep bragging it up? Book Now, Fish Now!!!!!

Brad McFall