Hello to all of you fly casters, it’s Brad with the latest and greatest. The Alliance has been plying all the waters in the area from Bishop to Bridgeport, so I’ll start from the south. The Lower O has been fishing great for the past week or so. Terry has been guiding down there and bringing back some happy clients this past week. The flow has been study at 350 up until yesterday, then it jumped up to 460 cfs. This is still a fishable flow but be careful when wading, use a staff and bring a friend. The crowds are thin and the hatches are thick! Did I say that right? As far as the bugs go, fish midges early then you will see some sporadic caddis followed by mayflies and stoneflies. In the eve. there is some more caddis coming off with some good dry fly opportunity’s. Today I guided two great people Kevin and Denise on Crowley. We had a great time and some good fishing. We started in Mcgee and it was slow for every boat I saw and ours, except for Denise. She stuck 3 or 4 while Kevin had a nice toasted bagel, donut,skunk, whatever you want to call it. Since it was slow we headed to Green Banks around 10:30 and preceded to rip lip! The grab was hot for about a hour in a half-two hours. Kevin quickly caught up to Denise and boated a healthy 21 1/2 inch rainbow. After it slowed down we headed to Hilton where Kevin got a few grabs then called it a day. Hot Creek is coming into play at the moment, Contrary to what most reports say, the cricks clear! It is flowing high and fast but the water has cleared and the fish are eating. It’s a great time to get down there and fish it before the weeds get thick, along with the people hatch. Bridgeport Res. has been good for float tubers fishing sinking lines and woolly buggers. We will be spending a lot of time in this area, look for more reports. If there is something you would like more info on put a post up and we will reply, or post where you have been and how it was.