This is a guest post by Brad’s brother, Mark McFall. Brad isn’t aware that I am posting his cover shot from Fly Fisherman Magazine but this is big news in my opinion.

For those of you may not be aware, Brad has graced the pages of multiple ski magazines in the past regarding extreme skiing and has even achieved the back cover of Powder Magazine.

But I must say this cover shot on Fly Fisherman has me very proud of my youngest brother.
In Brad’s younger days both me and Brad’s other brother Scott were relentless on Brad in pushing him to higher levels.
At times, when I think back, I almost can’t believe how hard I was on him. From dumping a 5 gallon bucket of water on him from the roof of our house while he was still in school clothes, to bringing him to tears because he was too scared to follow me down a ski shoot known as Acid Test.
Yes, he sure went through a lot of hazing in those days. But it wasn’t long before I started to get a sense that Brad was going to be on whole different level.
Very proud of you Brad
Your Bro