Like it says on the title, the fishing has been great all over the state. I have been back home in Mammoth for the last few weeks now, fishing the Lower Owens, skiing and snowmobiling. The fishing in Mammoth has been superb, great hatches of Mayflies and Midges with lots of trout feeding heavily on them daily, without pressure!
However, I have been told I need to get back up north for a week or so. Apparently, the Lower Sac has been on fire with 40 plus fish coming to the net daily all 16-22 inches, and the Trinity has had a influx of large wild winter-run steelhead with nobody on the river fishing for them!
Call or e-mail me for more info. I will be heading up next week. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, I would only pump this if it was true. Here are some photo’s of clients from the last week I was there. Gary Turri with a large wild Hen.

Ken with a big beautiful wild buck!

Ken with a nice clean Hen.

Ed and myself with a big a$$ buck!

Steve with his first Trinity Steelhead!

Good friend Jon Anders with a chromer.

And a nice Native

Another beautiful buck to the boat. Owner Tim Root netting a big steelhead for a happy client.

Here’s Jack…I only fish with him so I can hang out with Jolie. lol!

Here is myself with a big “fresh as they get” wild buck about 3 miles from the salt on a a coastal river. Here’s what I like to do when I’m not fishing!
Thank you all for the kind words regarding the cover shot I have on the current issue of Fly fisherman magazine. I also want to thank you all for a great year and look forward to fishing with you all very soon!