Paul Manoukian was having fun doing his deadly exorcist theme retrieve with the Perch Fry.

Here is Yevette Mesa with a nice football
Jolie Ingram with a beautiful bow on the Owens.
Me and Jolie with a 20 incher!!!
Jolie’s man with his trophy. Go ahead and breath Jack… it’s o.k. you landed it.

Here is Chris Petek and I with his biggest fish on a fly ever!!
Ditto for his Grandfather Bill!
Here is a popular face good friend and client Chris Hirata with a Bridgeport Brown!

So, as you can see from all of the picks lately I’ve been guiding Crowley and Bridgeport a lot, due to the poor water conditions we have from one of the lowest snowfall winters on record in our area. With that said we should start having more monsoonal weather patterns combined with cooler nights witch will help cool off rivers such as the East Walker. Man I can’t wait till it’s fishable! (water temps are still to warm).

If you are looking for moving water to fish, the Upper Owens is still fishing very well. Some of these pics are from the Owens in the public area’s and some are from the private ranches.

The title of this post says it all as far as Crowley and Bridgeport. The arm straitening yank of 20+ inch fish crashing on your perch fry pattern is in it’s beginning stages. Yesterday I was out with Paul Manoukian and his son Charlie and all we did was fish fry patterns on sink lines and pulled some impressive fish to the boat. But for you guys that like the visuals if your indicator twitching… it’s still going down! YOU’RE DOWN YOU’RE DOWN!! lol!!

Lastly, I want to let you all know I will be in Northern California from mid October – Jan. GUIDING FOR STEELHEAD!!! I will be working for I will post more about this later. But start getting some dates together for these sea run fish that put you in your backing!!

Brad McFall