Seth (left) and Ty (right) are my middle brother Scott and his wife Taryn’s little McFall’s. Not much longer until they are whipping the waters!
Paula posing with a beautiful Rainbow she got while we were fishing the Sceirine ranch on the E.W.

This is how to do lunch on the EW were trees don’t exist! Jon designed and built this canopy for his truck. I need to get one for myself!

Kip loves to give his EW browns kisses…

And hugs!

Kendall with a big EW Rainbow.

A beautiful look at the White Mountains first snow of the year September 13!

A pristine EW Brown with some serious shoulders.

Richard Stuck this monster Brown on a big dry fly while we were fishing the Sceirine ranch on the EW. What a fish! On the dry fly!

A colored up Crowley Torpedo!

Sandra and I with a huge brown on Crowley.

Her Husband Peter with one of the many fatties we landed that day. I fished them on Crowley for the first time in June and they immediately re booked for prime time in August and were rewarded!

Sandra and I with another massive Crowley Bow.

Jolie’s big brown wanted to jump out of my hands and give Jack a kiss!

Jim hooked up on the scenic San Joaquin while fishing dry flies you can see!

Sunrise on Crowley.

I don’t really remember a year where I saw lots of fish like this on a daily occasion. There are very few public places you can fly-fish in California and hook multiple fish like this monster.

David with a Crowley Chromer! He’s getting prepared for Steelhead season…

Bendo on the lake with no boats in sight!

Her first day fly fishing and she lands this 23″ brown just as we were pulling the anchor to head in for the day, What a way to cap it off!

Renatto and I with a Huge Cutthroat that wanted to smile for the camera.

John brought his Daughter Carlie up for a day on Crowley and she put everyone on the lake to shame. She just wailed on big fish one after another making all of the crusty old fisherman scratch there head.

Carlie with a nice Bow

This Brown was about 24″ and fat! One of the biggest of the year in my boat!

Carlie posing.

Carlie and I with a huge bow she got to back up that massive brown.

What do you know? I got to catch one too!

My Buddy and fellow guide Dave Neal showing how good Crowley was this year, doubled up on 20+” fish!

Tony and I with a true Crowley Donkey of a Rainbow! And he told me at the begging of the day he was going to quit fly-fishing because he always gets skunked… I told him, “your fishing with me today Tony”.

His fishing Buddy Gene backed him up with this monster Brown to cap off the day!

A special thank you to all whom I had the pleasure of fishing with this summer. We had great experiences on the beautiful waters of the Eastern Sierra providing memory’s of a life time, along with some HUGE fish!
Now it’s time to change gears… Next week I will be relocating up to Northern California to guide Steelhead on the fly from my drift boat for the next three months. Although my calendar is almost fully booked, I do have a few days here and there and sometimes cancellations do occur. I will keep my online calendar (on my website) updated daily.
With “very good” reports from my Nor Cal Guide Buddy’s already hooking Steelhead on the Trinity, it looks like we have a great season ahead!
Here is some motivation…