Spring is showing it’s self with awesome insect hatches, and strong, healthy happy trout actively feeding on them. For fly fisher’s, it sounds like a dream come true… well just check out a few pics of good client and great friend Luc Paquet’s Dream day.

After Luc landed multiple fish in the 18 inch range we don’t bother taking out the camera unless it was over 20. (don’t think I’ve ever said that before) But after sticking a huge brown on the dry fly he handed me the rod and said “you fish” . Those of you that I fish with know I wouldn’t normally make a cast for myself. But after netting that many huge fish in one day for one guy I said “OK, give me that thing”. What do you know…I made ONE cast and got my picture taken.

That’s how you hold a fish Luc!!

This is what happens when you have a great angler with great fishing and a half a$$ guide(lol).
Awesome job Luc!
That was a day we will never forget!
Brad McFall