Client Testimonials

We just looked at those awesome pics you sent !  Still can’t believe the size of those fish !!  Paula has really set a high mark , I’ll be trying to match that for a long time !  I’ll attach the pic of my wild buck, in case yours didn’t come out.  Brad, it’s always such a pleasure to spend time on the river with you, most of what we know about fly fishing, we’ve learned from you, and we are greatfull, and looking forward to more.  Please put us down for 3 days of steelhead & monster brown fishing next Jan. close to the same dates. Also let us know when you think we should schedule the ranch,for Big Dries !

Jon & Paula


Dear Brad,  Just a note of thanks for a great day of fishing on the Lower Owens.  It was one of those days that are usually mentioned as “you guys should have been here yesterday.”  But “yesterday” was ours and will not be forgotten.  You did an outstanding job of putting up with us, rigging us, getting the boat in the right position all day long and coaching us, all at the same time.  The lunch was delicious.  You set the bar for dry fly fishing on the Owens, at least for Milford and me. I think it will be a long time before someone drops a back cast off the power lines in time to get a double hook up. Fabulous trip.

Thanks again and wishing you a great season.  Happy Easter and many blessings,

Bob Howard



Jeff and I can’t thank you enough for the incredible time that we had  for the 2 days on the water with you.

We did much better than expected on the East Walker River on the first day. The water temp was in the mid 30’s the air temp was in the 20’s and we still landed good size fish.

The second day on Hot Creek was insane! The nymphing techniques that you taught us will be invaluable for the rest of our fly fishing lives.

We can’t wait until the next time that you guide us.


Mick Coughlin
MDA Information Systems, Inc.
Space Structures

Brad is the real deal!

Congrats on getting Richard into that pig. I can’t tell you how happy he is to get a fish like that, he’s paid his dues and then some. I know without your help and local pull to even get on the Ranch that fish would have never happened. You deserve kudos big time. Pressure is finally off!!! You are without a doubt the best guide not only in the mammoth area but in the state, and I mean it sincerely. Maybe even in the west!!! My hats off to you.



Hey Brad,

Thanks again for all of your efforts this weekend. It was awesome fishing with you man. I learned a ton and can’t say enough about how amazing it was having one of those fish on the line.

And seriously, awesome fishing with you Brad. We discussed how great you and the fishing was almost the entire way home. I hope we can do it again sometime…(without any confusion 🙂 ).

I hope your trip home was smooth. Have a Merry Christmas.



Trinity Steelhead in December.

Lots of boats, low waters, gin clear and 10 ffffffffn degrees. A sure formula for a tough 2 day trip. Not for Brad. Changing flies often, changing depth and weight and untying nots was the norm. Oh yah keeping a smile through it all and not missing a teaching opportunity. 

That is enough for me in a guide.

But fish are the goal. Big fish. 24 to 27 inch thick fish. Chrome, hot and angry fish. Landed fish. Lots of landed fish. My landed fish.

The competition was on. Brad dose not pick sides. He just works harder than any other guide I have ever fished with to find fish. Warm thoughts, Brads advice and a sharp eye on the indicator produced the fffffffshn trip of a life time.

Landed 16 Ironheads in two days. Thick, hot and angry ironheads.

If you are reading this you have found your guide.

Thanx for a ffffffsn trip of a lifetime Brad.

Fat old beat up Don



Man, not sure how to say thanks enough,…you frigin’ ROCKED this past 2 days for Don, and myself,…Really appreciate you workin’ your ass off w/ those oars, positive attitude, all of what it took to land those killer steelies, in the frigid cold!

That was by far, the best trip Don and I have had.

Best, C (aka”Buck man”)

Hey Brad,

Thanks again for two great days of fishing last week.  I know Hugh was stoked when we were sight fishing for steelhead in the slick above the island.  I enjoyed your coaching and all the great techniques you taught us.  I am looking at a trip to Mammoth in late April or early May.  How far in advance can I set up a day or two of fishing with you ?

Please send me any photos you have of us.

Jim Souza

Arroyo Grande, CA


Brad: Thanks for the great trip. It was probably the best trip I’ve ever had with Richard. Lots of fun. Hard to believe, but we hooked 37 steelhead, 1 monster salmon and half dozen browns, but you know what was the best? The three suckers that we caught!!!!  Ha HA HA!!!! Next time it’s with Dr. Hirata, can’t even wait for that. Talk to you soon.




Honestly, that was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life.  Tyler and Caitlin and Michele still can’t believe we actually went fishing in sub-freezing temperatures with snow swirling around us.  This is a story that they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren.  We laughed about it all the way home.

Thanks again.



My family and I had the time of our lives fly fishing on the Upper Owens with you.  Tyler and Caitlin have talked non-stop about nymphs and caddis flies and roll casts.  They are generally pretty happy kids, but I’ve never seen them so euphoric as they were yesterday hooking fish, playing them, and pulling them to the net.  I don’t know how Michele and I will convince them to go to school on Monday.  Anyway, thank you for a fantastic couple of days.  We learned an awful lot and can’t wait to go out again.

With that in mind, we were thinking of taking another trip up to Mammoth for Labor Day.  If you have any openings that weekend, please let me know.  (Our preference is for Friday 9/4 and Saturday 9/5.)  We’d love to have you take us out for another lesson.  Perhaps this time round I’ll learn to mend properly.  (One can only hope.)

David Hubbard



Thanks for two great days fishing. You are very patient and that makes you a wonderful teacher. Thanks again and we will look forward to the pictures.


Charlie and Rose



Thank you for a wonderful day of fishing on the East Walker!  We had a great time, and caught some spectacular trout.

I’ve attached a pic of David’s rainbow.  Please forward the picture to Otis.  Please make sure Otis gets my email address, so he can email me the pic of my big brown.

 Hopefully, we’ll get together again soon, either in Mammoth or on the Trinity!

Thanks again for all the help.  Have a great trip to Florida!



Hey Brad,

How goes it? I wanted to thank you for another absolute great time with my brother Luc. I was reading your blog (follow Brad) and it looks like Luc and Richard are killing it that’s great! I would like your schedule open dates for July and August to see if I can set up a trip on Crowley lake with my two boys. If possible I would also like to try and put a trip together with my brothers. Thanks again!

Jules Paquet

Spyder Manufacturing
545 Porter Way
Placentia, CA 92870



I just wanted to tell you again what a great time I had fishing with you last week. Jim and I both enjoyed the trip and it will go down as one of the greatest fishing experiences of my life. I believe I will be out again next year and want to go after some goldens. I don’t know if you do any wilderness trips but I certainly hope so. I visited your webpage today and agree with all the comments from your clients. You have definitely mastered your craft.

Randy Yard

Vaughn Bay Construction
1911 65th Ave. W.
Tacoma, Wa 98466


I am HOOKED on fishing with guides in Mammoth!!!

I would like to do a few more trips up to Bishop/Mammoth if you have some openings to guide me. (Just me)

All of my reservations do depend on work issues, but I see a few windows that maybe I could get some more AWESOME fishing in (And I will not have a hangover!).

Again, Thank you for a GREAT trip!!!

Diane Honaker

Santa Barbara


With over a decade of fishing around the world with some of the leading guides, I found Brad to be amongst the elite. We fished Lower Owen for two days (both cut bank and pleasant valley sections) and killed it in what is often considered off season – first week of April. It was cold, but Brad had his two clients landing over 20 fish a day each (into over 30). The fish were largely brown, natives in very technical water. A real blast and I walked away with both great sessions & new knowledge that can be applied in future endeavors.

Way to rip it Brad!

Hope to be back before summer.

Kipley Lytel

Santa Barbara


Our Specialty Construction crew of San Luis Obispo had the pleasure to fish under the guidance and instruction of Brad and Dave Neil on the lower Owens river. The last time I had a fly rod in my hand was the same location nearly 18 years ago.

I am an avid eastern sierra and near shore central coast angler but have not picked up the fly rod. Well, things are changing now and I will make a annual trip to fish with these masters…!

Brad – you are very talented, a pleasure to know and talk with, and you are blessed in your care and service to very novice anglers like me.

I wish you well friend.

Jeff Martin, Arroyo Grande, CA


Hello, I was just checking out your website and decided to drop you a line and say thank you again. You took us out on a guided trip to the upper Owens last Sunday. You helped get my father, brother and myself back together again to go fishing, something that we have not done together in over 5 years.  My father was very happy to be fishing with both his sons again. You truly helped us make memories that we will have for a lifetime. Not only that but my brother is now hooked on fly fishing, he said that he has never caught that may fish so fast, he will never fish another way again, very cool. He had a great time and owes it all to you. You can consider us your clients for as long as you guide! We plan to come back up and go to the East Walker river in October, I know at the end of our trip to the upper owens on Sunday you said that if we wanted you would take us, well we would really like it if you would take us there. We haven’t set a date yet but we are looking at the second week of October. How many days in advance do you need to know to set up an all day trip? We might have more people coming too, six total (that is including my father, brother, and myself) maybe. if we do is it possible  to have one of your buddys come along and guide the other three people? My brother and I told our cousin, nephew and brother in-law all about our trip and they want to come up with us in Oct. and fly fish too. I am telling you fly fishing is spreading like wildfire in my family LOL.  If you could drop me a line and let me know that would be great. Once again thank you for your patience, I know guiding three people is not easy. We really enjoyed ourselves, the trout fly is lucky to have a guide of your caliber.

Thank you,
James A. Escoto
Chino, California


Wanted to drop you a line and report on Brad.  He was outstanding and worked very well with the boys. We stayed at Alpers.  Working with a 9 year old who has not fished much as well as a 16 and 19 year old (you guided both the last two years) and having me along was not easy but he had good patience and worked very well with each.  He may have told you he got Bradley the 19 year old into a very large rainbow over 24″ and estimated 5-6 lbs using the nymphing technique you have taught us. It is the largest trout I have personally witnessed being caught in the Sierras.  He had Jeremy 16 trying for another large rainbow which they could not entice and a real large Brown estimated 27-30″ which made a pass or two at a streamer.  Jeremy however went back in the evening and on his own using the same nymph set up caught the rainbow which actually measured 24″.  Not quite as fat as Brad’s.  Will email pictures. You can feel secure sending Brad to any client. He like yourself is first class.  He also made it clear that he understood we  were your clients.
Milford W. Dahl, Jr.
Rutan & Tucker, LLP
611 Anton Boulevard, 14th Floor
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
I just wanted to let you know that have a real goldmine named Terry Nelson.  This past Sunday, with arrangements made by the Trout Fly shop in Mammoth Lakes, Terry took my fiancé and I on our first fly fishing adventure down on Hot Creek.  We had an incredible time, and for me, probably the most rewarding time I have ever had fishing.  Both of us caught fish that day, and Terry was the epitome of helpful and gracious guide every moment.

He started us out at the park where we were able to get the casting down, then ventured down to Hot Creek where we put our well-taught skills to practice.  Terry was very patient and explained everything with the perfect level of detail, not being too drawn out nor too brief.  I received photos from Terry this morning of our outing and it brought all the memories of that day right back.  I think I need to get up from my desk and get back on the river!

Once again, Terry is personable, unassuming, knowledgeable, and just plain down-to-earth.  He is a tremendous asset to all of you at the Trout Fly.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Tom Carter and Lori Capovilla
Tom Carter

Manager, Quality Assurance
Teichert Aggregates
Office (916-) 386-6979
Fax (916) 386-8455
Mobile (916) 296-3680


Whats up Terry. Dude my hands are still shaking from watching all those burly fish tear up my #14 orange stimmy. I think that fly needs to retire now. Not me though as I have the bug like never before. Thanks for showing two die hards one of the best days of their lives on that river you guys call home.  Neither Chris nor I can recall where we fished SaturdayI recall it being somewhere on Hot Creek but maybe chris knows (wink).  Please thank Sam for making it possible for us and well send you copies of pictures when I get them.

I wanted to give you a report on the east walker as I got on the water below the dam about 8:15am.  I fished the long run around the bend from that first fast section (maybe 400 yards down the river).   Big submerged rock about 150 yards down that run..white foam line and a couple huge wood piles on the opposite side of the river). San juan worm to your hot creek caddis emerger.first cast, first rainbow.  No shit. Ended up hooking into quite a few fish but had left my net (read: Chris stole it) in Chris car and he didnt join me on the Walkerhad a very hard time landing any of them.   All this happened from about 8:15-9:30 or so as the fish were very active.   It literally shut down for me at about 10am (tried midge patterns, yellow stones, and every caddis pattern I could think of). 

You had warned me about some feisty browns but it wasnt until my 4th hook up or so that I got absolutely worked by what I believe may have been an underwater locomotive.    Never saw the fish but he freight trained me across the river into his wood pile home.   Couldnt so much as slow him down or turn his head in the 4 seconds or so that I had him hooked.    This actually happened twice and I never saw either fish. My gut says they were the largest browns Ive ever hooked.

 Lesson learned for me as I will return to the walker with a 6wt (I wouldnt refuse a borrowed 7), 3x tippet in mind, a good sized net, and a fishing partner to help me land these monsters.

 Hope to fish with you again soon and thanks for all the great tips.

 Zach Fisher |   m a c r o m e d i a
Corporate Sales


Hi Brad, Robert Deming here. You guided me, Ray Milano and Danny Stymacher two weeks ago on lake Crowley. We went out on the boat in search of the big ones. Anyway, sorry for the delay in thanking you for one of the most memorable great fishing days of our fishing lives. When we drove home later that Sunday afternoon, we relived story after story of that day. We all wanted to whole heartily thank you for the great time and learning experience. You were a great guide and we all learned something. We would recommend you to anyone.

Just so you remember who’s who I attached a picture of myself , Danny and Ray. Ray’s picture is from the East Carson river. I figured you get a kick out of that since your familiar with that river. The picture of Ray is right below the Markleeville confluence but upstream from the river height gauge. My picture and Danny’s were from that day on the lake. Check out the mouth of my fish an me!

We will certainly try to get you to guide us next season. I hope you have a great winter. Again, thanks for a great day !


Robert Deming


Consider me a client!!  Great trip last week and thanks again for doing a super job!!  Both Chase and Robert had a blast and certainly for me it was just an awesome trip.  You do an excellent job and we all were very impressed with your knowledge related to the sport. Certainly your technical expertise was like icing on the cake—–especially with a dufus like me who kept getting line hung up somewhere!!! We will come up more often for sure. Robert and I would like to do the Bishop thing this Winter so we will be in touch after the first of the year. We both will work on our game prior to then—-maybe even step up and get the equipment we need. Its nice to be with a pro and you certainly fall into that category. I will spread the word among my fishing friends here so they know about you. In the meantime, keep me posted on the fishing. Thanks Brad!!

Douglas J. McCrea
Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management


Dear Brad,

One of the reasons I fly fish is because I love spending time where trout live — beautiful places with amazing scenery.  Unfortunately, when I fish with you, I rarely get to enjoy the scenery — because I’m too busy CATCHING FISH!  You make every moment of my time fishing in the Sierras more productive — and more fun.

Thank you for the terrific introduction to the sport you provided to my friends this weekend.  Taking two novice women from their first casting lesson to landing fish — out of Hot Creek, no less — within four hours is impressive.  Once again you’ve demonstrated that you knows your stuff — and that you’re good with all kinds of people (and anglers with all levels of experience). I’m excited about the fish we threatened this year, and look forward to our 4th season fishing together in 2006.

Dr. LeAnn Zunich, Long Beach, CA

————————–Brad, thanks for such a great time fishing on the San Joaquin. My grandfather and I had a great time this week and really appreciate your guidance and patience for us as two beginners. Your teaching helped us grasp hold of the fly fishing techniques and areas in which we were able to catch a large quantity of fish. Without you, we would still be strugling with the common lure fishing. Thanks for teaching us and we look forward to fishing with you in the future.

–Chris Aaron and Bill Petak


Brad, just wanted to say thanks again for a great day of fishing on Lake Crowley and the San Joaquin River.  This has to rate as the best day of fishing in my whole life.  You are a great guide and I thoroughly enjoyed the company as much as catching a lot of “big” fish.   Just sitting here at the computer re-living the experience makes me want to jump in the truck and come back up and “rip” some more lips!   Looking forward to our next trip.

David Higginson, AIA
Higginson+Cartozian Architects, Inc.
Redlands, Ca.  92373


Brad, I have got to say that you are the best guide that I have worked with in the 20 years that I have been fly fishing.  Your technical skills helped myself and my 14 year old son, Asher, to catch numerous trout in less than  ideal conditions.  You’re patience and ability to teach are superb. You kept a positive attitude even when we ended up with a rat’s nest of fishing  line on our rods.  The ultimate proof of your expertise is that you have  turned Asher into a fly fishing maniac.  He is dragging me into the  back country next week to fly fish for some wild trout.

Steve Lober
Thousand Oaks, California



I just wanted to thank you for the great time we had Saturday on the Owens river.

Patrick was absolutely delighted at his catches and was very pleased at the day.

We went down for a bit on Sunday and caught some more…the true test of a good guide is after the trip! Now my wife wants to do something later in the summer when my older boy gets back from the East. Maybe when the East Walker settles down. Again, thanks for a memorable day!

All the best,

James D. Johnson
Managing Partner
Level Three Performance Solutions


Hi Brad, my brother and I had an awesome time with you last week on the East Walker. Thanks. In fact, we went back on our own on Saturday and, using the knowledge we gained from you, had another great day. I can’t think of a more fun place to fish, though I got a little tired of getting the fish near the net and then “See ya” and no more fish on. Kind of felt like “advantage, fish.” There’s a chance I’m going to be back down in mid-August.  Any guesses on how the river might be fishing then?  What’s your schedule like?

Take care,

Tyler L. Easley
Senior Pastor
Sammamish Presbyterian Church
Sammamish, WA


Hi Brad. Web site looks good, I’ll keep checking in to see how you grow it. My brother and I went back to the East Walker on Sat. morning with the flows at 600 +. We had a great morning, I landed a 21” brown with huge jaw bones. It was great. I had another big fish straighten a hook on me, and I had another one on that was way bigger than the one I landed that the hook just came out after a couple minutes. I caught three standard rainbows in between the big ones. Tyler did o.k. with one or two big fish lost. Thanks for the great day on the Walker together and the good instruction with the big water. We were the only one’s to hook up in the meadow area that we could see.