Carry with the first fish of the day on the first cast! I haven’t been back out on Crowley for the past few weeks due to a major algae bloom. Rolled the dice and went with the gut feeling that, “it has to be turning on any day” thought I had that morning when we met at the shop. And yes, it is on!

Her brother Seth with a Crowley reel singer.

Carry with another Crowley Hawg.

This girl was on fire all morning! Here she is with another “Donkey” of a Cutthroat!

Mick with a Bridgeport “toad” that started our day off right. While Crowley had the Algae bloom going on, I was towing my boat up to Bridgeport Res. and had a few good days and some tough days too. This place is a sleeper, some days can be mind blowing, other days you would swear all the fish disappeared! It’s a reminder of how special Crowley really is.

Summer finally came! Man, After a VERY long, cold and wet winter, the long warm days started to show themselves after our last big snow storm the second week of June!

Along with the warmth, came the raging flows on most of our local rivers and creeks. From this spring, to current time this has provided me with many challenges to work around on a daily basis such as, changing water flows, weather patterns, and erratic hatches. With that said, if you know where to go, and when to be there at what time or flow the fishing has been great! As you can see from the hero shots below, Hot Creek, the Owens River, the East Walker River and Crowley have all been fishing well at different times this year and pumping out some MASSIVE fish!!! This has been a great year for the Ladies! (Peter and I with a Crowley Hawg)

(Renee and I with her first fish on a fly rod! Can you believe it? Nothing to this fly fishing thing… right!)

(Lisa with a Crowley fattie)

(Paula doing what she always does when we fish together… hook huge fish and put everybody around to shame)

(A perfect Hot Creek specimen at high flows)

( My Wife’s first Bonefish this spring on the flats of Ascension Bay)

(Had to toss this one in since it seems like the year of big fish for the women… Emma is 15yrs old and fishes better than most of you reading this! LOL! Emma and I with her first Steelhead)

(Finally! My First Permit!)

(Jolie with the biggest Brown Trout I’ve seen all year! She stuck this pig while I was guiding her and Jack on the Private Ranch of the East Walker this spring.)

(Richard with the biggest Brown Trout I’ve ever had a client land on Hot Creek… nuff said.)

(Jolie and I again, with a big beautiful wild Rainbow she stuck on the dry fly while fishing the East walker the same day she landed that Monster Brown! What an insane day!)

(Robin with a personal best at 22″ on the dry fly while I was guiding her on the private water on the East Walker.)

(Jack with a phatty brown on the dry fly while I was guiding him on the private water on the E.W., had to put this in or he’ll give me too much sh!t for only putting his wife (Jolie) in all the photo’s… You just need to fish better and catch bigger fish Jack!)

(Jolie and I with her MONSTER Brown. Nice work Ladies!!!)

We are now at the end of July and fishing has been stellar just about everywhere. I have been guiding the Upper and Lower Owens, Crowley Lake, Hot Creek, East Walker and Bridgeport Res. daily.

Fishing on the Upper Owens has been very consistent with nymphing bringing most of the fish to the net. Most anglers I have been guiding out there have been landing a dozen fish or more on average during a half day trip.

The Lower Owens has been at a fishable flow this past month and producing great fishing as well with around the same numbers of fish landed by competent anglers on a daily basis.

Crowley has just turned on and the long anticipated “McGee Miracle” is starting to occur as you can see from the hero shots above.

The East Walker has dropped to a fishable/wadeable flow at 370cfs and is producing quality fish to competent anglers. It is not a place for beginners at the moment, but the anglers that I’m taking up there who can get the job done are doing well. Yesterday broke off a massive brown at the net I would estimate at 25-27″!!!

Normally, I’m not fishing the EW at this time of year due to water temps being to high and dangerous for the fish. However, due to the huge winter we incurred, there is still lots of cold water feeding Bridgeport Res. keeping the river cool, and the fish happy. The California side remains VERY crowded! I have also been spending some time on the Nevada side fishing the Private water where crowds are non existent, and guess what? There is fish down there too!

I haven’t Been on Bridgeport Res. in the last two weeks but some of my other top local guide buddy’s have said it is fishing well.

I have been dying to get down to the San Joaquin as it is usually on fire at this time of year. But like a lot of our rivers, it has been running very high and fast. It has about one more week to go then it should be coming into prime shape. This is an awesome river if you have never fished it. The fish aren’t big, but the views are! These fish will readily eat a well presented dry fly, and numbers of fish hooked on drys, combined with the sheer beauty it offers and minimal crowds, make for a great day on the river.