Well, sorry about the delay on the reports this week. Here is a general summary of the week and where we fished. On Tuesday the 16th Ty, Andrew Sears (friend and fellow guide) and I had the pleasure of guiding the Wold’s and friends. These guys are true East Walker fanatics. As many of you may know the East Walker, like most rivers, has been running on the high side all season so far do to a massive, record breaking snow pack in our area. In our previous post you have seen photo’s and read reports from us (E.S.G.A). We spend the better part of our time guiding or fishing ourselves on the East Walker, personally I think there is no better river. One of the reasons why we like her so much, are all of the diverse challenges she brings to us. Well on Tuesday, she went from 600-817 cfs (cubic feet per second). Lots of you who fish the East Walker have your own personal favorite flows that generally range from 150 cfs-300 cfs. I enjoy higher flows from 300-650 cfs, but 817 is tough to wade in. Never the less, we went out in full force like usual, and these boys really stepped up. We fished all day, and hooked fish consistently. Despite limited areas to wade and fish, all eight of them were hooking up! Don’t get me wrong, we really had to work our arrses off to hook these fish. The main problem is landing these brutes in water that if you try to step in to, we’ll have to pick you up in Nevada! They ended up landing some nice fish but all of the super toads either snapped off 2 and 3x or bent the hook open. Despite the major challenges these boys gave it there best and were rewarded.
The last couple of days E.S.G.A. has been guiding out on Crowley do to high run off on all of our waters at the moment. If you are coming up soon don’t miss out on the excellent fishing Crowley has to offer right now. McGee is the hot spot at the moment, fish are concentrated in the 10-14ft. range on the south end of the bay. Both midging and stripping are doing really well. We did best midging with red and black,grey and black and some of our own patterns that we (E.S.G.A.) have developed for this amazing stillwater in our back yard.
Get out and fish now, before the crowds are up for the summer!!! Brad