So the title of this post means two things. The first is the most important. Next Saturday 9/29/07 I’m getting married to my beautiful fiance Angela!!!!!!! The other thing is that I will be living in Nor Cal from the end of October through the end of January Guiding for steelhead out of my new drift boat on the Trinity River and the Lower Sac. Below is a few pic’s of what you will be able to enjoy when you come up and fish with me! Just e-mail me or call my cell (209)-484-1114 to book. I will be working for Travel and accommodations are easy, you can fly into Redding and get a rental car( 40 min. to the Trinity or 5 min. to the Sac.) or depending on where you are you can just drive!! I strongly urge you all to come up and fish for these awesome fish of a lifetime. Take a look below!