Hey all! First off, we would like to apologize for the stale blog the past few months. We have been putting our heads together and coming up with some big changes for our website. Just one of the changes I think everyone will be pleased about is to get up to the minute reports on the all of the local waters!
We will be hitting the waters hard, starting tomorrow being that it is Opening Day for all of our waters! You, the readers of mammothflyfishing.com will be able to get accurate, inside information on all of the best fishing waters in the eastern sierra. And it will not be from someone who sits behind a counter 40hrs a week and relies on what he/she here’s or just plain throws out a wild guess!
The info you will be reading will be strait from our E.S.G.A.’s slimy, fishy smelling hands from that day. As most of you all know there are three of us that make up Eastern Sierra Guides Alliance, Ty,Terry and myself, Brad. We have developed this blog for our cleints and potential clients to get the up and up on what is happing every day, every where. As far as insect hatches, water flows, fish reports and so on.
We are also fotunate enough to work with The Trout Fitter, who has 8 other guides excluding us that we work closely with, therefore we know exactly what is happening on all local waters.
Ty,Terry and myself will be on this blog daily letting you know where we fished that day and how it went. For example, tomorrow Ty will be at Hot creek and Terry and I will be up on the East walker. Be sure to check back for all the arm throbbing details!!
Before we go we would like to let eveyone know we are very excited about the 2006 fishing season, so come join us!!!