MAY 2nd,
It’s Brad here with the latest from Crowley Lake. I fished the lake today from 9:00am to 1:00pm. We fished all the typical early season hot spots, Leighten springs,Green banks, Sandy point and took a run out to McGee bay.
Out of these, the most consistant was Sandy Point, nothing new here. For the last few years Sandy has been the go to early season arm ripper. McGee was a ghost town, a few bait dunkers were out in about 30 feet of water. While I was putting around trying to meter fish I din’t see them GET NO BITES. After about 15 minutes I concluded it was pretty vaccant and moved on.
I fished in 11 feet of water on the north side of the point. It was very consistant midging black and grey and red and black optimidges. With takes occuring about every 2-3 minutes. 1 brakeoff and the rest were all first year fish.(12-15 inches). But remember, these are not your average 12-15 inch fighters. These are rod bending arm burning ” it’s a big one” till you see them, crowley spunks. So what are you waiting for come join us!!!