may 4th
I was out on the Upper Owens today and we noticed a significant change in water color today. Yup, the run off is starting to show. It has been tea colored since the opener with a pretty good amount of clarity until today. Today it was about 2-3 feet at best. But, never the less it fished great! We fished just below the hot creek confluence. We nymphed large prince nymphs, copper johns, hares ears and some other secret home ties that brought some quality fish to the net. Unfortunately, my digi is broken, so I am unable to post photo’s at the moment. You’ll just have to trust me, or come with and see for yourself! I will be guiding my good client Jack, along with his wife tomorrow at Hot Creek and the Owens. Check back for details. Also, Terry has been camped up on the East Walker for the past coulple of days so a report will come soon.