May 5th,
Hello everyone, it’s Terry with the ESGA blog report. I spent the last 2 days camping out at the E-dub (east walker, duh) and it was awesome. The flows are up around 600 c.f.s. so wading can be very dangerous, bring a wading staff and a friend. With warm temps during the day and lows just below freezing, the weather was perfect and the fish were chowing down. A good mayfly hatch came off mid morning and lasted throughout the afternoon, I also spotted a few caddis and stones buzzing around. While I was lucky to hook into some really nice fish, half the time I would lose the fish as soon as they decided to pull me downstream, the current is too strong to pull these big fish around, resulting in the downstream blues. I would recommend a rod heavier than #5, and use at least 4x tippet. Bring a net!