may 10th
We returned from the East Walker last night, and Ty has the photo’s (since nither Terry or I have a camera in working condition, pathetic!) so he will be posting the report with photo’s tonight. Today I fished Hot Creek, it was pretty darn off color by the time I arrived 1:30. (one in a half-2 foot visibility). But I still couldn’t believe it was empty, I fished the upper section by myself!! There was a lot of bug activity happening since there was no wind. I saw 2 different kinds of mayflies and 2 types of caddis along with some bigger black midges (16-18). I could only imagine the dry fly fishing if the water was the way it looks in august! But with no fish on the surface during a wide varitey of insect emergance I put on the indicator, knowing they were gorging themselves on the nymph, larva,pupa and emerging bugs, along with some other aquatic insects. The fishing was good, it was so nice to be able to place a cast anywhere I wanted without waiting for someone else to move! I’m heading back to the East Walker tomorrow, report to follow.