Well, the season has been goin great so far! Terry, Brad and I have been spending a lot of time on the East Walker and Hot Creek. Both are dealing with high flows, however the fishing oppurtunities continue to be consistent. The Walker is runnin’ cool and quick, just coming down to under 600 cfs, fish are settling in and starting their feeding patterns. From about 7:00 A.M. to 1 or 2 the are chowing on a variety of midges and small mayfly patterns. Fish mayflies in the #18 to #20 range light olive to light brown in color, midges in #14 to #22’s-black, grey, tan and orange. The afternoon wouldn’t be a bad time for a long lunch, nap, beer or whatever else fits your fancy, the fish go on a bit of a siesta, and chow hard just before dark!
Days are long right now, putting in a dawn to dusk mission on the E-Dub can burn you out like marathon. Wading swift current, making hundreds of drifts, casts, and mends will make that afternoon nap sound a lot better. The evenings should soon come alive with Caddis flies, we will let you know as soon as the fish begin to key in on them. For now, stick with midges and mayflies under an indicator, that has been most productive. Don’t quit, keep casting, persistance pays off!
The three of us were amazed to fish the Miracle Mile all by ourselves on Tuesday. Open water and fish to be caught. The high flows keep many away, but if you’re a fan of big water and challenging fishing, this is the place to be for your potential double digit fish. These photos are just some of the fish we landed. Key word-landed. Keeping these hard fighting, healthy fish on the line can be the hardest task of all at times. 1 for 4 is a darn good average right now, don’t be discouraged, when it comes down to it, hooking the fish is the hardest part, so if you did that, you are right on point! Come see us and we’ll show you where the trout hold.
The rainbows are icing on the cake, fat and feisty!
This about the only juggling you’ll ever see Brad do.
East Walker beauty! 22 inches and growing.
The boys of E.S.G.A.
Rainbows from the resevoir still bright and silver, can keep you busy, while on the brown hunt. Terry hooks up on the Brown as look on in jealousy, oh well…Double Hook UP!!!

More pretty trout-we love this place!

My Dog River, puttin’ in some shop time at The Troutfitter-Trout Fly.

Friend of the AllianceDave Leak stuck this great rainbow on a small beatis pattern over the weekend. I did my best to match him, almost…
These are few photos from this last week at Hot Creek. Yes the water is high, but relatively clear. You can get away with 5x and larger flies at this time of year. The creek is pushing all kinds of bugs around, the fish are very oppurtunistic, throw some caddis larvae, scuds and stoneflies in the faster pocket water sections. Otherwise stick with small mayflies and midges. There are quite a few nice sized fish around, so bring your polarized glasses and look carefully. The upper section of H.C. Not much of a crowd.
Good friend and client of Brad’s, sharing the water with the locals.
Hot Creek rainbow trout taken on a small stonefly nymph.

Perty little feller!