Whats up anglers, Terry here with the summary for the weeks’ fishing. Following a cold front that past through the area the fishing in the lakes slowed slightly, but as a result the run-off receded a bit also. Hot Creek was fishing awesome with clear but high water, which means lots of good holding water, no weeds and some fish that were willing to play. Fish are eating various caddis patterns in olive, green and tan, mostly fishing emergers and few adults and egg-laying caddis also. We are beginning to see tricos so small dark mayfly imitaions are working well in am and pm. Also try fishing midges in the evening, small like 20-22. Stonefly nymphs are continuing to catch fish as well, still waiting for the yellow sallys to show.
This week the temps are back to near average (70’s) so the run-off has returned, we still have a lot of snow in the backcountry so expect higher waters for at least the next month. I fished H.C. in the dirty water and found that the fish are still able to see and feed on the small stuff, so fish the same flies that you normally would with maybe a heavier tippet just cause you can! (some really quality fish are being landed at these higher flows, once the water drops and the weeds fill in, chances of landing these Hot Creek fatties goes down significantly.) I was in Bridgeport for a few days this week; fishing was good on the river as the flows dropped and held at about mid 500’s to low 600s. That changed yesterday when the flow jumped to 800, still very possible to fish at these flows- if you want to wait your turn in line at the meadow! Take a number, no thanks I’d rather fish the Reservoir! Crowley and Bridgeport are probably our most productive and fertile lakes in the area, and right now the fishing is good! I fished a great midge and callibaetis hatch on “the res” and got into a bunch of fish with dry flies, no piggies but I’m sure they will be showing soon. Crowley has been hot also, check Brad’s post for Crowley info, I fished Crowley 2 days ago and it was good in the North Arm just as Brad reported. General summary; rivers are high but fishable, lakes are really good, crowds are thin to non existant, come and get some! Keep it Reel, Terry