Summer has arrived! We are getting into some warm weather finally, and as a result- seeing another flush of water in our rivers and creeks. Good news is the water is remaining clear so the fishing remains pretty consistent….consistently tough that is. We are still getting into plenty of fish, but Hot Creek trout are beginning to wise up and won’t just eat anything at this point. Being observant while fishing and paying close attention to the multitude of bugs that are present will pay off. We’re seeing lots of active yellow sallies midday with a mix of baetis and PMD’s. Caddis are around in A.M. and hatching thick in the afternoons and evenings. Good midge hatches throughout the day also. Most anglers are fishing midday, to escape the crowds go for an afternoon session and fish the caddis grab. Upper Owens is coming into shape and the mosquitos are tolerable as long as you’re covered in ultra thon. We fished big caddis emergers and small stone patterns, nice fish but not lots of them. The river should be fishing better soon as more fish move up from the lower river and Crowley. The Mammoth Lakes basin opened this week and DFG and Alpers have been pumping fish into all the lakes except Horseshoe. Good fishing for planters and a few brookies and browns in the mix at Mamie. The fish were not picky, I recommend a floating or intermediate line and site cast to your targets. Here are some pics from this week…

brown caught at “long ears”, upper O.

E-Jack w/ upper O. bow

Holden Stearns with a Hot Creek beauty.

Ty showing the Horton family how to get er dun at Hot Creek.