Terry here with the rest of the pictures from last weeks post, couldn’t fit them all!

ooohpretty, too bad we didn’t hook up!

Here’s me messin with the locals again.

Thats what I call a handfull! Eric Jackson starting off the season right at Lake Mamie.

Ty stuck this awesome cutt at Crowley during a windy afternoon session, no boats in site but plenty of fish-

Tony West and John Aguilera- the calm before the storm. These guys proceeded to rip lips for four hours straight right after this picture was taken. Notice there are no other fisherman on the water, a true blessing at the Creek.

Here Tony shows off a nice size rainbow, not bad for his second day flyfishing! We fished from about 7:30 to 11:30 and midges were thick when we showed up joined by some caddis, when the day warmed up we saw PMD’s and little stones flying around. Ty and Brad were also guiding today and they reported some baetis hatching around noon. Plenty of bugs to choose from, whats it gonna be? Terry