Eastern Sierra flyfishing at it’s best! We’re seeing some of the best overall conditions we’ve seen all year at our favorite rivers and lakes. The E. Walker flows have dropped to wadeable flows(300+) and the river is full of fish, lots of juvenile browns being caught and if your lucky enough, the ever-present monster browns and some ridiculously fat rainbows. Try midges and tricos in the morning and switch to caddis and baetis in the midday. I recommend fishing from sunrise until maybe two o’clock, the water temps are rising quickly and we need to protect our precious resource (the trout). Take water temps and don’t fish if the water temps are above 70. Use heavy leaders and tippets (2x-3x) so you can land the fish quickly with minimal stress. KEEP THE FISH IN THE WATER! Upper Owens has been fishing well with lots of fish spread throughout the river. Try nymphing with caddis and mayfly patterns in size 14-20, look for deeper, slow moving water. there are also a lot of migrating fish from crowley so be prepared for some big fish! Hot Creek has been fishing well and the crowds have been light, Ty has been fishing early from 6:30 to 10:00 and getting some big fish on dries. Try caddis and tricos early,also try pmd’s and midges. Crowley has been the hot spot lately with lots of fish being caught with various techniques. Midging has been off and on in general but really good in McGee, there are fish crashing on perch fry all over the place and we’ve been getting some big fish on fry patterns on sinking lines. Nothing beats getting your arm straightened out by a 20 inch brown in pursuit of a meal! I ‘m hoping this is all just a preview of the epic fishing we’ll be doing as fall comes around. Terry signing out-enjoy the latest eye candy!

Here’s David Hastings with a 22″ bow hooked with a sinking line at Crowley, nice one!

Nice cutty from Crowley, a rare score.

This brown couldn’t resist Brad’s perch fry imitation, he’s been getting his clients into fish all over the place in his new flats boat.