Get ready for some insane fall fishing!
Hello fellow anglers, thanks for checking our report..sorry it’s been a little stale recently but we’re just getting over the busiest few weeks of the season. Labor Day came and went in a flash and we’ve been on the water daily with our clients keeping us busy with landing nets in hand. I’ve been spending most of my time guiding on the upper Owens and San Juaquin rivers, both have been unreal for the last month! The San Juaquin has been producing good numbers of fish with clients averaging 15-25 fish landed per day, even first timers! I’ve been using caddis and stonefly dry flies in combination with small mayfly and stonefly nymphs as droppers. If you’ve never seen the San Juaquin, this is a great time to fish it, easily wadeable and above average water levels with plenty of willing trout-easily one of California’s best freestone rivers. The Upper Owens has been pumping out a bunch of fish also, many fish in all sizes are being caught. We are seeing a good mix of wild bows and browns in the river this year, with many holdover plants and migrating fish from Crowley Lake. average fish size is 12-14 inches with the occasional lunk 18 inches or greater!! Mostly fishing nymphs under indicators, mayfly imitations in 16-20 and caddis patterns in sizes 12-16 will produce fish. Midday and into the afternoon try fishing Elk Hair caddis and Hoppers for some awesome dry fly action. Crowley is green right now due to an algae bloom, so most are fishing elsewhere, if you can find some clean water you will have fun while stripping perch fry, use a heavy tippet if you want to land Bertha. East Walker is fishing well in the early mornings, bring a thermometer and stop fishing when the water temps reach 70. Small mayflies and midges have been the flies of choice, call us soon to book a day on the E-Dub this Oct and Nov. only a few dates left-it’s gonna be epic! Terry.