Now, for a brief report on the fishing in our area…
The lower O is still massive at 606cfs. The fishing is O.K. at best for most. Fishing from the banks casting dry flys (while there is a hatch) in the slower water can produce some good action. Wading is not recommended as there is not many places to stand with out getting swept away! Drift fishing is decent for fishing drys or pulling streamers. If you are interested we can float the river, but once the flows drop wading is very effective for all techniques (streamers,nymphing,highsticking,dry flys). I’ve gotten word the flows will become fishable after Jan. 1st. Once these flows drop the fishing will be on fire!!!
The Gorge is fishing very well. Nothing to specific, parachute Adams, Elk Hair, BWO’s, Pt’s,Hares ear,copper Johns will get the job done all day. This is a beautiful area that gets over looked. It’s full of wild brown trout that are very feisty. If you have never fished it, or if you would like to learn more about it, we can show you some of our favorite methods and access points to this little oasis.
(eastern sierra guides alliance)