Well, the winter Steelhead season has come to an end. I want to say thank you, to all of you that made the trek to come up and chase these Chrome reel-screamers with me. I had a great season on the Trinity and fished with great people and of course, hooked some great fish! The Steelhead fishing was awesome this year. My clients and I hooked and landed Steelhead waking dry flies, swinging Leeches and fishing eggs and nymphs under indicators, can’t ask for anything more! Here are some more hero shots from some hardcore anglers. Again, thank you all! Duece up close and personal with a nice wild Hen.

Luc and I with a BIG wild buck. The smile says it all.

Lots of Bald Eagles around the river this year.

Jon and Paula came in hot and cleaned up! Jon with the biggest wild fish to the boat this year!

Some days were bright and pleasant, almost as bright as this wild Hen that jumped seven times on Charlie’s line.

Jon sticks one on the last cast at the take out! what a way to end a trip!

Luc with a nice wild Hen at first light.

I know a bunch of hero shots… but man these are all great wild fish!

Jon landed one brown that day and 3 or 4 steelhead. Yes, this brown was big… but his wife Paula was on fire and stuck four MONSTER browns and one steelhead that day. It was unreal!

Paula with a ridiculous brown trout!!!!!!

Here she is with the smallest one she landed that day, this fish is still well over 20″, if I remember right is was 23″!

While Paula got all the big browns Jon never lost sight of what he traveled up there for, Steelhead.

Paula finally got that elusive Steelhead.

Paula and I with a double digit Brown trout. Probably one of the heaviest Brown trout I’ve ever picked up.

Richard and I with a huge buck that went ballistic! After a 10 minute battle and countless times of saying OMG i can’t believe that fish is still on it gave way to the net, posed for a quick photo and then continued his journey up river.
I’m back in mammoth now and guiding our local waters. I have been guiding the Lower Owens mostly, and bouncing around between Hot Creek and the East Walker a few days a week. The spring time fishing is in full swing right now and should continue to get better as weather warms, water temps increase, and hatches thicken. Remember I have my Nevada guides License and access to the private water on the East Walker. Over the next six weeks we will see the stonefly hatch happen. This is the best opportunity to go after your trophy fish on a size 6 dry fly! It truly is amazing. Dates are filling quickly, click on the link for my online calender to check availability http://www.mammothflyfishing.com/Availability_Calendar.html April is almost full, but May still has plenty of days. I hope you are all doing well, and I look forward to fishing with you soon!